Direct To Consumer

GrapeGears is a sales, marketing and customer relations platform which enables efficient and coordinated wine sales anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Increase Sales

  • Offer a wider range of products, events, promotions, loyalty programs, etc.
  • Choose from an infinite number of club formats, varieties and allocations
  • Eliminate queuing to provide faster order processing
  • Enable sales anywhere, anytime on any device

Lower Costs

  • Enhance customer service and communication
  • Manage a single set of products, customers, and inventory across all sales channels
  • Improve the ratio of wine club members per employee
  • Stop order and shipping errors
  • Control and reduce merchant bank credit card fees
  • Enable sales staff to collect accounts receivable
  • Eliminate paper documents

Embrace Growth

  • Organize staff scheduling, customer contact, order history, inventory, etc.
  • Manage multiple sales channels, inventory locations, fulfilment processes
  • Improve employee and partner collaboration
  • Achieve IT independence and 100% up-time reliability
  • Secure your accounting integration, data processing, storage and backup



Sell wine anywhere, anytime, without apps, downloads, or updates. Streamline orders from your Tasting Room, Web Site, or Event Locations on any PC, smartphone, or tablet. Manage multiple customers, open orders, split payments, and gratuities simultaneously.


Attract customers to your website with a Wine Database, Shopping Cart, Event Calendar, Blog, and unlimited Web Pages. Use our tools to promote search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics of customer orders, club sign ups, and customer sources.

Build online accounts so customers can update their own preferences, shipping/payment details, and allocation orders.

Order Processing

Standardize Web, POS, Wholesaler, and club order processing across unlimited sales channels and multiple locations, including those with different tax rates.

Use your choice of merchant services to get the best rates available. Multiple selling locations with different tax rates. Uniform processing of Web, POS, Wholesaler and club orders, using your choice of merchant services to get the best rate available. Unlimited sales channel categories. Provide sales staff the tools to enable the collection of outstanding AR.

Ecommerce Sales

Fully integrate your Website Shopping Cart with Products and Order Processing to manage sales, increase club membership, and maximize customer satisfaction. Display shop products as for sale, exclusive to club members, or completely hidden. Use Featured Products and Promo Codes for special offers on products, events or bundles.


View full histories of customer contact and spending, integrated with Calendar, Products, Events, and Membership and Auxiliary Clubs. Identify customer sources and referrals, and segment customers by specific preferences.

Newsletters & Social Media

Engage and communicate with Customers and Wine Club Members using Direct Marketing and Social Media tools. Manage images you’ve used on social media and your website in the Media Library. Build a consistent brand message with email templates and send newsletters which link directly to your Shop, Blog, Event Calendar, and Social Media pages.


Share public events with customers and manage private events such as staff schedules, meetings, and tastings via the Calendar.

Wine Club Management

Foster membership growth, increased sales, and better customer service with unlimited membership clubs and allocation models. Manage any number of clubs and exceptions quickly and easily with automated wine club shipments based on customer preferences and product availability.

Club Subscriptions

Easily manage exceptions, shipping preferences, multiple delivery points, skipped shipments, pickup customers, and product inventory requirements with Membership and Auxiliary Clubs.


Release and sell limited production wine while providing your best customers a convenient way to accept their allocations online. Permit Club Members to modify their shipments, subject to rules you establish around product availability.

Multi-location Inventory

Track inventory (including wine in bottles, cases, and pallets) in real time across any number of bonded or tax-paid locations such as tasting room, warehouses, events, and winery, with whole-of-life product overview.


Access business reports such as Order Types, Sales Tax (by state or zipcode), Accounts Receivable, Gratuities, Credit Cards, Shipping, and Staff Performance. All reports and data can be exported, printed, or reviewed online by third-party advisors such as Compliance Consultants and CPAs.


Integrate with partner systems such as accounting, shipping, and compliance to share your marketing, sales, and customer data.


Secure your system with GrapeGears User Security, Encrypted Secure Sessions, and Host System Data Security.


As our own winery grew, we needed a software to help us manage our business; however, when we searched the wine software market, we couldn’t find anything that met our needs. Rather than settle for a system that didn’t work, we decided to build our own. The result is a sales and customer service platform which enables both wholesale and direct-to-customer marketing and sales.

We’ve been using GrapeGears everyday since 2009 to run a successful business and, since we shared our software with the wine industry, we’re not the only ones - wineries across California and Texas have expanded their business by using GrapeGears. Now you can too.