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We needed a set of software applications to help us sell wine and keep track of our customers as we grew. We looked around and no one had what we wanted – so we applied bold new ideas to our existing wine business and deployed it using pervasive technology that everyone already knows how to use.
The result is GrapeGears.

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What is GrapeGears?

GrapeGears is a customer-centric system providing the functionality required to control inventory and sell wine through multiple channels, manage multiple wine clubs, interact via web sites, blogs and social media and to provide extensive customer relationship management.

GrapeGears user interface is common across personal computers, point-of-sale cash registers, web sites, shopping carts, interactive email and text messaging. Users, both employees and customers, are free to use whatever device they have available, such as personal computers, tablets (iPad, etc.) and mobile devices (iPhone, Android, etc).

GrapeGears provides normal historic reporting and a visual dashboard showing actual performance measured against your important business values permitting a quick view of the business performance anywhere, in real time allowing preemptive action before an anomaly becomes an issue.

GrapeGears is available on a 24 x 7 basis, subject to its own user security system, anywhere, anytime on any device, without IT infrastructure, delivered as a set of cloud-based software. This means there is no hardware or software to buy or maintain. Your valuable business data is constantly available, backed up and protected in real time on secure servers located in professionally managed data centers protected by industrial-strength firewall technology.

GrapeGears grew from our own winery requirements for a set of software applications to enable sales operation, customer service, marketing and management of the wine business. We don’t just produce GrapeGears, we have been using it every day since 2009 to run our own successful winery business.

It’s too late to be one of the first wineries to use GrapeGears as it is already running wineries across California and Texas so GrapeGears is already a proven system. Our vision is to share GrapeGears with neighboring wineries to help grow our whole industry, ensuring GrapeGears will continuously improve with the latest industry trends and technological advances.

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